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Hydro Solutions Group Ambassadors

There are numerous problems in Nepal. There is rampant unemployment problem among youth. This problem is turning out to be disastrous for the healthy growth of society. This unemployment coupled with unfulfilled economic needs and cherished dreams, is taking hundreds of youth in a deep sea of frustration, drugs, political activities and anti-social thinking and wrong doing.

Resourceful talents of the nation need to be properly mobilized through opportunities and productive engagement in work. Nepal’s hydropower resource is potently capable to address this problem. The perennial rivers is white gold for the Nepalese. The immensely rich water should not be allowed to flow astray and untapped but should be properly utilized to help alleviate the socio-economic well-being of the country and its people.

Nepal is considered as one of the poorest least developing country in the development index chart but we sincerely believe that hydro can be a powerful means to transform Nepal into a prosperous and inclusive economic zone. Hydro Solutions is moving ahead with a cause and vision in hydropower development. We wish them all the best in this and hope to see it establish as a key contributor making meaningful results on ground.